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The Baker Family’s 30 Days Wild: Day Seventeen

Posted: Friday 17th June 2016 by 30-Days-Wild

A visit to the lake, The Baker Family A visit to the lake, The Baker Family

A trip to the lake

Today was an exciting one for our dog, Dug, as we went on our very first ‘puppy playdate’ with our friends and their dog, Albert; a trip to the local lake for a paddle (the pups) and to say hello to the ducks (us).

While butterflies and bees flittered

Dug has never seemed a fan of water before, but absolutely relished the opportunity to head out into the lake for a swim – although he steered clear of the ducks and geese, many of whom had ducklings and goslings to protect. Following a great deal of splashing around from the dogs AND the children, we wandered a short distance around the lake to see what we could find.

While butterflies and bees flittered by we failed to capture anything too exciting on camera, although Toby promptly fell in the lake and had to wander back to the car with squelchy shoes – great fun!

Photos, The Baker Family 

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