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The Baker Family’s 30 Days Wild: Day Seven

Posted: Tuesday 7th June 2016 by 30-Days-Wild

A home for nature, Louise BakerA home for nature, Louise Baker

A home for nature

Today was something of a hodgepodge of wild, as we spent time admiring our friends’ garden and vegetable patch (as well as a cheeky paddle in their pool), spotting snails as we made the journey from nursery to home, and playing in the boys’ water tray this afternoon.

we can’t wait to see who, or what, moves in

In fact, the majority of the late afternoon, into the evening, was spent in the garden; we had a BBQ, and ate burgers and sausages as birds balanced on the fence, before sneaking bites from our feeders.

Before coming inside for the night we decided to hang a woven birds’ nest that we had in our utility room, and also repositioned last year’s bug house in an attempt to attract more creepy crawlies; we can’t wait to see who, or what, moves in!

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