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About the Trust


Photo: Chrome Hill from Parkhouse Hill, Stephen Connolly

Who we are

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is one of 47 local Trusts around the UK working to promote and protect local wildlife.

We are the only organisation in Derbyshire working to protect all wildlife across the whole county. We manage 43 nature reserves, including moorland, wetlands, woodlands and wildflower meadows.

We work with schools, local communities, local authorities, landowners and others to promote and protect the natural environment. We are a Registered Charity, supported by more than 14,000 members.

What we believe

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust wants to help nature to recover from the decline that for decades has been the staple diet of scientific studies and news stories.

We believe passionately that wildlife and natural processes need to have space to thrive, beyond designated nature reserves and other protected sites. To achieve this it is vital that the richest wildlife sites are protected and sustained as a starting point from which nature can spread back into our wider landscapes. Despite being land locked Derbyshire Wildlife Trust must also protect marine areas for a future when our marine wildlife can thrive more widely. 

Society needs this as much as our wildlife does. A healthy natural environment is the foundation for everything that is of value to people – food, water, shelter, flood prevention, health, happiness and creative inspiration. It’s the source of our prosperity and our wellbeing. We want to inspire people about the natural world so that they value it, understand their relationship with it and take action to protect and restore it.


Photo: Summer daisy, Amy-Lee Winfield

What we do

We stand up for, and look after, natural and wild places close to where people live.
We manage 46 reserves in Derbyshire, each shaped by its location and its relationship with the local people who value it. 

But we’re not just about land management. Every day we are working to help people from all walks of life discover and enjoy nature. We run events for all ages, to help people connect with nature in their local patch. We work with schools across the county and also advise land owners. 

We are motivated by a personal emotional connection to the natural world. Our trustees, staff, volunteers and members value the natural world – and particularly its wildlife - and we believe there should be more of it.





Our strengths 

Our strength lies in our localness and our knowledge of local places and people. Our work comes out of, and is accountable to, the local communities we are part of.

However, our additional strength lies in the fact that we are part of The Wildlife Trusts, a 47- strong partnership of Trusts throughout the UK. When needed, all 47 Trusts are able to come together to champion nature to national audiences.

Each Trust is a corporate member of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT, registered charity number 207238), a charity founded in 1912 by banker and philanthropist Charles Rothschild. This federated structure is adopted widely in the social, or people-focused, charity sector where a national voice and local needs are equally important. This structure suits our personality down to the ground. We are people-focussed in the way we deliver our work – working with local people to improve our local environment and quality of life. Learn more about RSWT here.

How we are funded 

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust secures funding from a range of sources. We are very grateful for their support and it is vital to our efforts to secure nature’s recovery

Find out how much income we raised in 2016/17 and how we spent it on protecting wildlife, restoring biodiversity and inspiring people about nature in Derbyshire. More information on our finances can be found in our annual review download below.



Our people

To maximise our impact we need to make sure that we are run by the very best people. Our trustee boards are comprised of local people passionate about nature and their local area but also have particular expertise that contributes to the running of local charities. Trustees are elected by Trust members at Annual General Meetings and serve in a voluntary capacity.

We heavily rely on the dedication and commitment of our volunteers. Without them a lot of our work wouldn’t happen and we therefore place emphasis on ensuring they are backed up by an equally dedicated staff team who can engage and lead local communities, our members, businesses, decision makers in the running of our Trust.



Our 2017 AGM takes place at 6pm on Monday 4th December at The Quad in Derby's Cathedral Quarter. The provisional agenda can be downloaded from the list below, as can the draft minutes from the 2016 AGM. 


FilenameFile size
Strategic Plan 2015-202011.34 MB
Annual Review 2016-17669.19 KB
Draft Minutes of the 2016 AGM230.19 KB
2017 AGM Agenda264.39 KB
2017 AGM Proposed Amendment to Articles458.76 KB
Honorary Officers and Nominated Trustees for Election 2017305.29 KB