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Hay and firewood

Did you know, we also sell nutrient rich hay and top quality firewood.

Buy firewood that helps woodlands thrive

We are pleased to announce that we have started selling firewood, sustainably sourced from our Woodside Farm, near Ilkeston.

The wood, which is cut as part of our management of the conservation farm, is a mixture of hardwoods and is seasoned before being sold. Both split logs and round cordwood is available.

Woodside has many plantations which we are now thinning to allow light to the woodland floor and to ensure the long term viability of the remaining trees. In other areas we are trying to create a mosaic of different aged scrub to encourage birds like the grasshopper warbler to breed.

The wood is available for collection from Woodside Farm by arrangement, please contact the Trust office on 01773 881188 or email

Buy hay that helps wildflower meadows thrive

Hay is vital to support our animals over the winter months, as well as being a great way of managing our species rich grasslands.

We have a surplus that we sell, the proceeds of which helps funds our conservation work. This year we are offering the opportunity for customers to buy the hay directly from the farm at £3.50 per bale. To order your please contact the Trust office on 01773 881188 or email

Photos: © Tractor at Woodside Farm, Jonathan Preston, Cutting firewood at Woodside Farm, Jonathan Preston, Highland Cattle,