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Rivers month March 2017

Little egret, Hathersage, Jack PerksLittle egret, Hathersage, Jack Perks

This month we are looking at the beautiful and majestic brooks and rivers of Derbyshire!

We will celebrate those rivers that are healthy and focus on some that could do with some help to return to their former glory. We will look at how the wildlife that is specifically supported by rivers are faring in Derbyshire and what we can do to help them.

In Derbyshire there are three Catchment Partnerships that bring together people and organisations who care for our rivers and are working to make them healthy:

The Dove Catchment Partnership

The Derbyshire Derwent Catchment Partnership

The Don and Rother Catchment Partnership

The presence of wildlife that thrives in rivers indicates how healthy those rivers are. British fish species are doing well in some of the Rivers in Derbyshire where the water is clean and the rivers have natural meanders and riffles.

These fish help feed birds and mammals that rely on healthy and wildlife rich rivers. In other rivers and brooks they are not doing so well. Barriers to fish passage, polluted water, unnatural, canalised and drained waterbodies mean fish and other wildlife cannot thrive.

For the month of March we want wildlife lovers to spend a little time near the rivers and brooks in Derbyshire.

Do you know your nearest waterbody? Is it healthy? Want to know more?

At Derbyshire Wildlife Trust we have a number of current projects that we are working on to improve the health of Rivers in Derbyshire.

To find out more, click here.

Take action for rivers!

There are many ways that you can get involved to help support the work we do: