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Amber Valley to benefit from grant to create and improve wetland

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

River Amber, Derbyshire Wildlife TrustRiver Amber, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has secured a grant worth more than £51,000 from Biffa Award; a multi-million pound fund that helps to build communities and transform lives through awarding grants to community and environmental projects across the UK, as part of the Landfill Communities Fund.

The Living Amber catchment wetland restoration project will create and enhance wetland in areas within the catchment of the River Amber as it flows from Kelstedge to Ambergate where it meets the River Derwent. By creating and improving existing wetland, the project will improve biodiversity throughout the catchment, creating a haven for wildlife and improving the quality of the water entering the Amber.

One part of the project will create a wetland area on a local farm to act as a model for other farmers, showing them best practice for creating their own wetland and improving the habitat for wildlife on farms. There are two community strands to the project too; one involves creating a nature reserve at Hilcote and the other will enhance the wetland areas at Doe Hill Community Park.

This is one of many projects which is taking place as part of the Derbyshire Derwent Catchment Partnership. This is a partnership of over 60 partners whose aim is to create and protect a healthy and wildlife rich water environment within the Derbyshire Derwent catchment, that will bring social, well-being and economic benefits to all.

Kath Stapley, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Living Rivers Officer said: “This grant gives us a fantastic opportunity to create and improve ponds and wetland habitats across the Amber catchment, in partnership with local community groups and farmers. People will be able to enjoy having ponds on their local community sites, while landowners will gain new habitats on their farms, and wildlife will benefit at all the sites.

Gillian French, Head of Grants, Biffa Award said: “This wetland restoration project will create fantastic new habitats for birds, bats, water voles and brown trout and offer natural flood defences. We’re pleased to be able to help rebuild biodiversity in the area, with support from the Landfill Communities Fund”