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It's playtime for Basil and his new pony friends!

Thursday 9th February 2017

Koniks, pony, ponies, horses, Derbyshire, wildlifeOur four konik ponies, Hetty Grant

Our konik pony Basil is much happier since his new friends arrived - we're pleased to say that they get along!

Konik ponies are a hardy, semi-wild breed originating from Poland (konik means pony or small horse in Polish) and are well adapted to grazing wetlands, making them ideal for nature reserves like Willington. The Trust was left with just one Konik, Basil, following the sad loss of Ruby in 2016 year to Laminitis.

After setting a target of £1,000 to buy three new Koniks, we raised over £2,000 in just over a month thanks to generous donations from supporters. Basil is joined by Sky, her two year old foal Banner and Linnet. You can see the koniks greeting each other below!



Reserves Officer Kate Lemon, who looks after the Koniks, explained; “Over the past 5 years our Konik ponies have proved invaluable in helping us maintain and restore wet grassland and reedbed habitats in the Trent Valley. We are thrilled to be able to expand our small herd to give us increased grazing power to continue the good work and allow us the flexibility to use them on more of our nature reserves”.

Koniks like to play, too!



Derbyshire Wildlife Trust would like to once again thank you for your dedicated support and generosity.