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Wyver Lane Sighting by Alex Morley

Posted: Tuesday 7th November 2017 by Wyver

Rather quiet on a grey morning with only around 25-30 black headed gulls, and apparently a sole teal - whistling in one of the poolside margins. A jackdaw was on the tern raft, and was briefly harassed by one gull. A pied wagtail flew in from the north, stopping briefly on the tern raft, before heading west. A sole cormorant flew in from the south, passing over to head north. Grey again in the afternoon when there were around 50 black headed gulls, 50 teal and 40 mallards - including at least two farmyard hybrids. Around 1.15pm, 15 lapwings wheeled in from the south west and turned north. One cormorant came in low from the south, turned, and landed on the pool, where it chose to stop and dive. In front of the hide a lone male pheasant, a noisy wren, and two magpies were present. A male kestrel perched for a while atop one of the dual electric poles near the brick pump buildings; it appeared to be dealing with a catch: constantly bobbing its head up and down for quite some time. When the light rain began to fall around 2.15pm, a vocal heron appeared and perched at the top of a riverbank oak tree to the north of the hide. A few seconds later, a male kestrel perched in a nearby willow, again to the north of the hide.

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