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The Baker Family’s 30 Days Wild: Day Fifteen

Posted: Wednesday 15th June 2016 by 30-Days-Wild

Wild painting, The Baker Family Wild painting, The Baker Family

A wild arts and crafts afternoon

Today, just for a change, it has decided to rain.

today we added a wild twist

We’ve danced in puddles, played fetched in the rain, and listened to the droplets splattering on the pavement outside, and so knew we really needed to do something different this afternoon – enter wild art.

The boys love drawing, sticking, painting, and cutting anyway, but today we added a wild twist, painting with some of the plants that we could find in our front garden and creating a butterfly using the mirroring technique. My kitchen side is now filled with drying artwork, while the stair carpet has a decidedly pink tinge to it now, but at least we all had fun.

Halfway through the challenge we have learned that nature has so many wonderful textures of its own, and how to make the most of them on paper.

All photos, Louise Baker

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