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The Baker Family’s 30 Days Wild: Day Three

Posted: Friday 3rd June 2016 by 30-Days-Wild

Forest visted by the Baker familyForest visted by the Baker family

We’re going on a bear hunt…

… We’re going to catch a big one! Luckily for us it also turned out to be a beautiful day, as we headed deep into the woods in search of a bear, a picnic spot, and a few more minibeasts to add to our photo-collection. What started as a bear hunt turned into a full-scale nature ramble some time later, as the dappled sunlight streaming through the trees, and the sense of adventure in our hearts, urged us to keep going; we tackled kissing gates, one meadow with very long grass, a few more patches of woodland, stepping stones, and a pond, before returning home for a well-earned sit down. Species spotted: several bumble and honey bees, two cabbage white butterflies, an earwig, three tiny ladybirds, some wild strawberries, and row upon row of beautiful buttercups – perfect!

So much fun!!

Meadow visited by Baker FamilyPond visited by Baker Family

All images the Baker family.

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